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Grand Mezza


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    The Opera Half is the smallest speaker in the Classica series. This is a two-way bass-reflex loaded in less than 8 liters.

  • Centrale

    Opera Centrale 2012 Opera Central is the central channel of the "Classic Line", “Callas Line” and “Lirica Line”. It is a two-way speaker about 12 liters, TEB loaded, that can be used on a stand or shelf. It uses the same components of the Mezza. Opera Centrale has a very smooth frequency response, high sensitivity and good voice and is ideal for use in combination with all the Opera speakers. 

  • Opera Quinta

    The success and interest for our Opera Seconda model has prompted us to extend the use of closed-box load also in the the Quinta model.The new Opera Quinta, is still a three ways, floor standing system but has been completely updated: new structure of the cabinet, new speakers and new crossover.

  • Opera Seconda

    Today Louspeakes Opera is one of the few manufacturers that uses the closed box  to load the woofer. The new Opera Second after the success of its predecessor, is still a two-way  and a half system, floor standing, sealed box, but has been completely updated: new structure of the cainet, new speakers and new crossover. 

  • Grand Mezza

    Grand Mezza 2012  While certainly within the reach of a majority of music lovers, the Opera Grand Mezza 2012 is far from an \"entry level\" speaker system. Our aim is to provide a quality speaker suitable for normal home use with low or medium power amplifiers starting from 10-12 watts RMS. 

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